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Postcode Map of the UK

Postcode Map of the UK showing Postcode Area Boundaries and Names

The Postcodes map of the United Kingdom is an easy to read, large post code wall map with Postcode Area boundaries and names (eg M, RG, BN, EH, CV etc) clearly displayed in red. This map shows Postcode Area boundaries  - ideal for national planning and reference. This postal code map covers the United Kingdom incorporating England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland..

Postcode Map of the UK : Overview of map sheet
Overview of area covered by this map
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Postcode Map of the UK : Section of Map Showing Detail
Section of map showing detail
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Map Details

Scale: 1:800,000

Size: A1 (59cm x 84cm)

Finish: All postcode maps are printed on high quality paper. 'Plastic Coated' maps are encapsulated between two sheets of plastic which protect your map from creases, folds and tears. Framing can be arranged on request.

Delivery: Please allow 3 working days for paper maps to be delivered and 5 working days for plastic coated maps.

Map Features

    1. Postcode Area boundaries in red with associated Postcode Area names (eg UB)
    2. Map background in grey including motorway and trunk roads, major towns and cities
    3. London inset
    4. Postcode Area index

This Postcode Map Covers:Information

Whilst this map is the best choice for the geographic areas listed below, it may not cover the entire area named. If you need to check the map coverage, please contact us.

United Kingdom incorporating England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

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